IMPACT Wrestling Results - July 29 2021: Jay White’s In Ring Debut

All the action from the IMPACT Zone

This week’s IMPACT kicks off with the obligatory recap video, showcasing Jay White’s arrival to IMPACT, his issues with The Elite, and David Finlay, and his courting of Chris Bey to join Bullet Club.

Gia Miller kicked us off, waiting outside Scott D’Amore’s office for a word with the boss. D’Amore hyped up tonight’s episode and Saturday’s Homecoming special, and said he’s been behind closed door all day to get work done without interruption. Tommy Dreamer turned up and said it’s been two weeks since Slammiversary and IMPACT doesn’t have a number one contender for the World Title. D’Amore told Dreamer to sort it, and walked off talking to someone on his phone.

The IMPACT Tag Champs The Good Brothers kicked off IMPACT in non-title action against Jay White and Chris Bey. Switchblade and Machine Gun started off, with White getting early advantage after several strikes and a hard chop. Chris Bey kept up the momentum, using his speed to get the better of Karl Anderson, but soon the champs took control. Gallows dominated Bey, keeping him isolated in The GB’s corner. The Ultimate Finesser took a lot of punishment, but fought back, levelling Gallows with a diving crossbody, and getting the tag to Switchblade. Switch had the better of Gallows and Anderson, hitting a pair of DDTs to keep them down, then tagging in Bey who hit a reverse TKO for a two on Anderson. GBs went for Magic Killer on Bey, but Switch made the save, before Gallows despatched him to the outside. Anderson with a huge chokeslam on Bey, then a Magic Killer sealed the win.

Fire n’ Flava were backstage, saying they’re going to get their titles back. Fallah Bahh turned up and asked Tasha Steelz if she’ll go to Homecoming with him. Tasha says of course Bahh would ask her, as she wasn’t the one who got pinned the last few weeks. Steelz accepted, and reminded Bahh it’s a tournament, not a dance.

Back in ring, and Kaleb with a K took on Taylor Wilde in inter-gender action. Kaleb used his height advantage to mockingly throw Wilde, but Taylor replied with several hard kicks. Kaleb avoided a hurricanrana, and took Taylor down with a big clothesline. Tenille mocked Taylor from the outside while Kaleb was on the front foot, but momentum soon swung back in Wilde’s favour, yet Kaleb quickly came back with a super kick for two. Kaleb went to use the camera bag as a weapon to no avail, and was kicked to the outside and hit with a beautiful tornado DDT on the floor. Wilde spiked Kaleb with a poison Frankensteiner, then hit a bridging German suplex for the win.

Chris Bey was backstage with Jay White, and took responsibility for his and White’s loss, saying he didn’t think his first match in Bullet Club would be an L. Switchblade said Bey isn’t in Bullet Club yet, as it isn’t that simple. White said he’d give Bey a chance to redeem himself, as the two went to discuss business elsewhere.

Josh Alexander talked his victory at Slammiversary, and said he needs contenders so he can make himself the face of IMPACT. Scott D’Amore arrived, and said he thought he was doing the right thing giving The Walking Weapon a few weeks off. D’Amore then made Josh Alexander vs. Black Taurus for the X Division Title official for Homecoming.

Gia Miller caught up with Deonna Purrazzo, asking the Virtuosa if she’s doing too much due to her commitments to IMPACT, AAA, and NWA. Deonna asked Gia if she’d ask Kenny Omega that question, before proclaiming it is the age of the Virtuosa. Deonna said if she wants to be the best she has to train with the best, and introduced MMA fighter Alesha Zappitella. Zappitella said she’s been training for 20 years, and said that Deonna is a force to be reckoned with. Purrazzo said she’s entering the tag tournament at Homecoming, and said when her and her partner win the tournament, then Gia can ask if Deonna is doing too much.

Match three as Fallah Bahh, No Way, and FinJuice took on Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Madman Fulton, and Shera. The faces used quick tags to keep Fulton at bay, crushing the big man with quad corner splashes. Rohit turned the tide when Bahh was in control, and the heels kept the big man down. Bahh fired back, crushing Ace with a standing Bonsai drop, before hot tagging Finlay. Things broke down as all eight men had their chance to shine, before Ace Austin hit a huge Fosbury Flop onto everyone outside. Back in ring, Finlay hit Trash Panda on Rohit Raju for the win.

Gia Miller was outside Kenny Omega’s locker room looking for an interview, but once again was met by Don Callis. Callis said he was in a good mood, and introduced Omega, who didn’t know who Miller was. Callis said Omega was recovered, and The GBs beat Switchblade so everything was going well. Tommy Dreamer turned up to tell Omega that there’ll be a number one contender’s battle royal in two weeks, with Omega defending at Emergence. Callis and Omega were furious, and the two made their way to the ring to vent some more.

We had another teaser video for The Drama King, then heard from FinJuice backstage. Juice said they wanted the tag titles, but the two were attacked out of nowhere by Jay White and Chris Bey. Switchblade had the upper hand, slamming Finlay into flight cases, before crushing Fin with one against a wall. White told Finlay he cannot hide from Switchblade anywhere, and he will never beat White again.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis made their way to the ring, flanked by The Good Brothers. Callis said things have been going great, bigging up Omega and The GBs recent victories. Callis said they deserved respect, lambasting Tommy Dreamer for booking Omega in a match at Emergence. Callis continued his rant, when a baseball bat wielding Sami Callihan made his way to the stage. Sami called The Elite a ‘bunch of bitches’, before saying Kenny was lucky that Sami didn’t beat him to death at Slammiversary. Sami said he isn’t done with Omega, and that he’ll win the battle royal in two weeks and fight Omega at Emergence. However, Sami said two weeks is a long time to wait, and next week he and two partners will take on Omega and The Good Brothers. Sami said he will strike whenever, and may even jump the guardrail and attack The Elite from behind, as Elite Hunter Frankie Kazarian made his return to IMPACT, attacking Omega and The GBs from behind.

Sami and Kaz made their way backstage, where they were greeted by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said he’d find the two of them a partner for next week, but Kaz said he wanted Dreamer. Dreamer said no, and whispered his selection to Kaz and an incredulous Callihan.

Su Yung appeared backstage saying her time has come, as a similarly possessed facepainted Kimber Lee echoed her words.

We heard from Bryan Myers and Sam Beale. Myers said he can’t find a partner, even though he got an easy draw in Tommy Dreamer and Rachel Ellering. Myers said he conversed with his mentor; Dreamer's arch enemy Raven. Myers said Raven gave him a great idea - team up with Beulah McGillicutty. Beale got Beulah’s number, but unfortunately only had the number for the old ECW hotline. Myers instead Facetimed The Queen of Extreme Francine instead, Francine thanked Myers for all his support throughout the years, but was insulted that she wasn’t Myers’ first choice. Francine said Myers wasn’t in Francine’s league, then hung up on him. Myers blamed Sam and walked off.

VBD were in action next, with Deaner and Rhino taking on Rich Swann and Willie Mack. VBD jumped Swann and Mack as they entered the ring, but the faces fired back, throwing VBD outside, as Mack hit a form of a Phoenix splash to the outside. Swann and Mack asserted their control over the bout, keeping Deaner at bay, but an Eric Young distraction allowed VBD a foothold into the bout. Rhino dominated Swann, before Deaner continued the assault. Swann managed to break free and got the hot tag to Willie, who ran riot over Deaner, getting a close two with a standing moonsault. EY distracted the ref, as Deaner hit a flipping neckbreaker on Mack for a two count. Deaner and Rhino combined to double team Mack, but Swann tagged in and hit a Lethal Injection on Rhino for two. Willie with a stunner on Rhino, and Swann with the 450 for the win.

Backstage in Swinger’s Palace, Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona made their way to the tables, asking for the odds on the Homecoming Tournament. As all the teams weren’t on the board yet, Alicia Edwards suggested a Swinger’s Palace team, before Little Petey Pump and and Thick Momma Pump Jordynne Grace turned up for a little bit of Steiner match. W. Morrissey turned up and asked what the hell Swinger's Palace was. Swinger tried kicking Morrissey out, but Morrissey was there to deliver a threat to Eddie Edwards via Alicia.

Speaking of Eddie Edwards, he was backstage with Gia Miller. Eddie said Morrissey has no-one he cares for, and no-one cares for him. Edwards said he’s had Morrissey’s number twice, but said he can take whatever Morrissey has, before suggesting a hardcore match for Homecoming. Tommy Dreamer turned up, and asked Eddie if he’ll team with Kaz, and old nemesis Sami Callihan next week. Dreamer said he’s done things he’s not wanted to do before, and promised Eddie that if Sami does anything then Dreamer will be the first to beat the crap out of him. Edwards said he trusts Dreamer, and accepted his proposal. 

Main event time, as Moose and Chris Sabin clashed in a rematch from Slammiversary, a match that Sabin shockingly won. Moose rushed Sabin at the bell, but Sabin saw him coming, and had an answer for everything The Wrestling God threw at him. Sabin locked Moose in a ton of pinning predicaments, using his speed to overcome Moose’s fury. Sabin went for a hurrincanrana on the outside, but Moose caught him and swung him headfirst into the ringsteps. Duelling chants rang out, as Moose planted a beautiful dropkick into Sabin. Moose was fired up, absorbing bodyshots before launching Sabin across the ring. Moose folded Sabin on the apron with a meaty knife edge chop, then shouted at Sabin, calling him a fluke and flipping the bird, but Sabin bit Moose’s finger and fired back, Moose missing a chop and smashing the ringpost. Sabin flew with a massive crossbody to the outside, then crumpled Moose with a massive enziguri, but only got a one count as a fuming Moose rose to his feet, telling Sabin to hit him. Moose met Sabin on the top rope, received a forehead bite, and a diving tornado DDT for a two. Moose fought out of Cradle Shock, then got the massive spear for the win.

Post-match, Moose went to throw Sabin out of the ring, but Sabin hung on and nailed a crossbody and punches, before a suicide dive as the two were separated by security on the ramp.

Full results:
• The Good Brothers def. Jay White & Chris Bey
• Taylor Wilde def. Kaleb with a K
• FinJuice, Fallah Bahh, & No Way def. Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Madman Fulton & Shera
• Rich Swann & Willie Mack  def. Violent By Design (Deaner & Rhino)
• Moose def. Chris Sabin

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