IMPACT Wrestling Results - May 13 2021: The Last Stop Before Under Siege

All the action from the IMPACT Zone

IMPACT started with a recap of last week, with ‘Coach Kenny’ overseeing Doc Gallows’ win over Juice Robinson, as well as a look at the final three qualifying matches for the huge Under Siege six-way.

In the IMPACT Zone and the opening bout was a number one contendership match for the Knockouts title pitting Rosemary against Havok. The two started with a Megapowers’ handshake then went back and forth with primal strikes, with very little separating the two competitors. Havok soon gained control, pummelling Rosemary with mounted hammerblows. Rosemary wouldn’t stay down though, managing to hit an exploder suplex and a spear for a close two. Havok got the last laugh though, hitting a crisp Tombstone for three, and finds herself the new number one contender to Deonna Purazzo.

Post match the Virtuosa appeared to sneak attack Havok, but was unsuccessful. Susan and Kimber Lee tried to make the save but were chased off by Decay, as Havok planted Deonna with a Tombstone.

The Good Brothers were backstage with Don Callis and a triple belt sport Kenny Omega. The GBs said their confidence was back, and Karl Anderson vowed to beat David Finlay later in the night. Kenny Omega stopped The GBs in their tracks and said they got their momentum back because of him. Anderson put FinJuice and Eddie Edwards on notice, before Kenny rambled on to Gia Miller as to why she wasn’t Elite, as Callis and Anderson calmed Kenny and walked him off.

Match two was a six-way number one contendership match for a shot at the X Division Title. Petey Williams, Ace Austin, TJP, Rohit Raju, Acey Romero, and El Phantasmo went at it for the honour, with everyone targeting Romero as the match kicked off. As expected this was a fast frenetic affair, with action taking place everywhere you looked. ELP hit a ropewalking Fargo strut across two sides of the ring, caught Austin on his shoulder, and Death Valley Drivered him onto everyone on the outside in the most ridiculous spot of the match. Everyone had their time to shine, with Petey Williams getting a nearfall with an OG Canadian Destroyer, and Ace Austin hitting a gorgeous Fosbury Flop shooting star press. Eventually ELP would get the rub, hitting Petey with the CR2 for the win. El Phantasmo will face Josh Alexander for the X Division Title at Under Siege.

Backstage an agitated Susan was in Scott D’Amore’s office, showing that she was cheated out of her recent match with Tenille Dashwood. Susan asked to take on Tenille and Taylor Wilde with Kimber Lee in tag action, and said she’d tolerate D’Amore’s decision to host the match at under Siege.

Violent by Design were backstage giving a sermon, with Eric Young saying failure will not be tolerated. EY said ‘the sickness’ is embedded and has infected everyone and everything, and that he’s starting a better more violent plan, change is the only thing you can trust, and we’re going to see a lot more of Violent by Design.

At Swinger’s Palace, Alisha was settling into her new role to pay off her debt to Swinger. TJP and Ace Austin asked for odds on the tag title number one contendership, Austin and Fulton argued with XXXL, before Shera and Rohit turned to add to the hostilities. TJP found a tag partner in Petey Williams and it looks like these four teams will battle it out to become number one contenders for the tag titles. Little Petey Pump appeared to drop some Steiner Maths, but everyone groaned and left before he could start.

Match three saw Willie Mack go one-on-one with Sam Beale. The rookie Beale showed a lot of fire, and some ill advised over confidence, in the early stages, but Mack bought him back down to Earth with a bump, taking Beale’s head off with a huge clothesline, a pop-up forearm, and the Frog Splash for the win.

Post-match W. Morrissey ran in to attack Mack and Beale, cutting Mack down to size with a Big Boot.

FinJuice and Eddie Edwards were backstage before David Finley’s match with Karl Anderson. The three were asked about the Super Elite’s beatdown on them last week, with Finely calling them cowards. Finley said tonight he’d prove for the third time that he is the better professional wrestler. Eddie said he’s proud of FinJuice, but reiterated that Kenny Omega is the difference maker, so Edwards needed something to even the odds - a Singapore cane, also named Kenny.

A Slammiversary teaser aired, before we caught up with Tenille Dashwood in her ‘All About Me’ interview session. Taylor Wilde turned up, aggravated with how Tenille interfered in her match last week, saying that’s not how she rolls. Taylor said she’d team with Tenille at Under Siege, but they’re not friends, and they’re certainly not a tag team. 

The next bout was David Finley taking on Karl Anderson. The two wasted no time in going at each other with hard strikes, with Machine Gun getting advantage due to interference from Kenny and Gallows. Eddie and Juice interfered on behalf of Finley, as this match was set to be an evenly contested affair. When Finley got a head of steam Omega and Gallows ran in, giving Finley the DQ win. Eddie cleared the ring with his kendo stick, as FinJuice stared out the Super Elite from the ring.

Chris Sabin cut a promo backstage. The former IMPACT World Champion said he felt guilty that he wasn’t there for Storm for his qualifier last week. Sabin said he was disgusted with what Moose did to Storm, putting the big man on notice during their six-man tag later in the show. 

Knockouts Tag Champs Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering were backstage. The two were frustrated heading into their tag title defence against Fire ’n’ Flava at Under Siege, but Ellering said they have to bottle up their energy and put it to better use.

Match five pitted Brian Myers against Crazzy Steve, ahead of Myers’ match with Black Taurus at Under Siege. Myers faked an attack from Black Taurus to get the beast sent to the back by the ref, as Myers took control of the bout. Steve started getting a little momentum, but Myers got a roll-up, used the ropes for leverage, and stole the win. Post-match Black Taurus rushed Myers, as Rosemary placed a ‘DEATH’ tarot card on Myers’ chest.

Gia Miller caught up with Don Callis backstage. Callis was complaining about the end of the Anderson vs. Finley match, before Scott D’Amore interrupted him. D’Amore lambasted Callis for playing carny games, and told him to decide whether he’s Kenny Omega’s family, or an IMPACT executive.

Our main event was a six-man tag match featuring all the competitors from the Under Siege six-man number one contenders match. The teams for the bout were Chris Sabin, Matt Cardona and Trey Miguel, against Moose, Sami Callihan, and Chris Bey. With so many combustible elements in the mix this was never going to be a straight forward affair, with the heels dominating Miguel for the majority of the match. After a hot tag sequence the faces had advantage, but things soon became chaotic as all six men battled in and around the ringside area, before Sami Callihan hit the package piledriver on Sabin for the win.

Post-match Sami and Moose got in each other’s faces, as Don Callis and The Good Brothers watched on from backstage.

Full results:
• Havok def. Rosemary - Knockouts Title Number One Contenders Match
• El Phantasmo def. Petey Williams, Ace Austin, TJP, Rohit Raju, Acey Romero - X Division Title Number One Contenders Six-Way
• Willie Mack def. Sam Beale
• David Finley def. Karl Anderson
• Brian Myers def. Crazzy Steve
• Moose, Sami Callihan, & Chris Bey def. Chris Sabin, Matt Cardona, & Trey Miguel - Six-Man Tag Match

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