In Ring Return Not A High Priority For Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett not actively seeking an in-ring return

It’s been over six years since Wade Barrett last wrestled a match, and despite the SmackDown commentator not ruling an in-ring return out, he has admitted that it’s not a priority to him at the current moment.

Barrett was speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast when the inevitable question of an in-ring return raised its head:

“I've never ruled out getting back in the ring one day. I won't say it's high on my list of priorities, I don't think I can physically do the full-time grind anymore, more mentally than physically. I'm still in very good shape and keep myself fit, but the mental grind of doing that job full-time for who knows how long would be very difficult for me at this point. I just have other avenues and things I enjoy doing, most obviously the commentary side, which I wouldn't want to give up.

“Walking down to that ring and hearing people yelling 'Boom' to me, it does start to make you think, 'Maybe I have a little left in the tank.' Then, that was my first night back, in the main event was GUNTHER against Sheamus and I'm seeing these two, for three segments, beat the hell out of each other. I'm seeing the bruising and I'm like, 'two hours ago, I felt like I wanted to get back, maybe. Now, I'm watching these two. Hell no.' I know that if I come back, they aren't putting me with the light guys. They're putting me in there with Sheamus, GUNTHER, Drew (McIntyre) and I'm getting my ass whooped every week. The commentary desk is a lot safer, I'll stay here for a bit," Barrett said.

But what about the Royal Rumble? We’ve seen several commentators over the years get from behind the desk and join the 30-man fracas:

“I was quite adamant when I came back and signed my original deal that I didn't want to be taking bumps or doing anything other than the commentary. I think if I pulled somebody aside and said to Triple H or Shawn Michaels or whomever, 'I would be interested in doing that,' I think they would be receptive to hearing me out. It's not something I've done, it's not something they've approached me with. I'm quite happy with that for now,” continued Barrett.

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