Kevin Owens Prefers Being A Babyface

A great heel, a great babyface, but Kevin Owens prefers being the good guy

Throughout Kevin Owens’ career in WWE and beyond, he has proven that he can be both a great babyface or the most despicable heel imaginable.

But for Owens itself, he feels he excels at one role more than the other, telling The Happy Hour:

"I actually consider myself a better good guy than bad guy, believe it or not, but I've been told I'm good either way. I'm just happy to be doing a good job one way or another," Owens said.

No matter his role, Owens is seen as one of Triple H’s ‘guys’, and when asked about the change in management now that ‘The Game’ is head of WWE creative, Owens said the following:

“For everybody, the presentation of the show has been different and the mentality behind what we do. For us in the locker room and as performers, there is kind of a different way of thinking about what we do now. It's been fun and energising in a way. Everyone is excited to do their part and make the show as good as possible. It's been exciting for sure.”

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