KiLynn King: There's Plenty Of Talent To Run NWA Empowerrr 2

KiLynn King thinks there’s plenty of available wrestlers to make NWA Empowerrr 2 a reality

Whilst NWA’s all-women Empowerrr PPV in 2021 showcased the best of American independent women’s wrestling, there has yet been no follow up event.

NWA President Billy Corgan and Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch both opined that there was not enough talent to produce a follow-up, but Empowerrr 1 competitor KiLynn King disagrees, telling POST Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson:

"I think there’s plenty of talent out there. I don’t know if everybody who is a part of creating a second EmPowerrr is aware of the talent. I have the ability where I get booked on a lot of all-women shows. So I’m constantly experiencing women from all over the world whether I’m wrestling or I’m just on the same show with them. I don’t run NWA, I don’t have the wherewithal and say in all that stuff but I can’t imagine that there won’t ever be another EmPowerrr. We had a lot of women from different companies come in for EmPowerrr to represent and have a really strong roster for that show," King said.

As for what NWA would need to do to make Empowerrr 2 a reality, King responded:

"I think it’s just a matter of becoming aware of what’s available and finding an equally strong if not better roster for the next one because you never wanna run a pay-per-view and be like, oh, we need women so just book all these people. You wanna make sure that every booking matters for an event like that so I don’t think it’s a matter of not ever running an EmPowerrr. I think it’s just becoming more aware of what’s available and finding what works. Finding the stories and the talents that make sense," King said.

Despite Billy Corgan stating there was not enough available in-ring talent to produce Empowerrr 2, the NWA President has in the past stated that he is open to producing a sequel if possible.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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