Trevor Murdoch Claims NWA Didn't Run Empowerrr 2 Due To Lack Of 'TV-Quality Talent’

Trevor Murdoch believes there wasn’t enough talent available to produce NWA Empowerrr 2

NWA’s first all-female PPV event Empowerrr in 2021 was a big success for the company, but as yet a sequel has not materialised.

NWA President Billy Corgan had revealed that there has been no Empowerrr 2 due to a lack of available in-ring talent, and during an appearance on NBC Sports Boston, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch agreed with him:

“I think we’ll see that event again, it was successful, and it was a great event. I actually looked back. I was at a table, and I watched the whole show from start to finish, and I thought that ladies did a great job,” Murdoch said. “Also, with that being said, I agree with Billy in the aspect of we tend to become fans of people. And when we become fans of those people, we tend to put horse blinders on.

“We don’t see everything sometimes in the most clear light. And at the time when we were putting the show together for The Chase [NWA 74 weekend], there wasn’t — I’m gonna get heat for this too, but s***, I’ll say it. At the time we couldn’t find enough TV-quality talent when it came to the ladies to produce a full pay-per-view and for it to be as successful or as popular as the last one.

“We also didn’t want to go out and just throw a s*** product together and say ‘just because we did one, we’re going to do another one. So we’re going to rush together, we’re going to find whatever we can and then disparage or ruin the reputation of the first Empowerrr’. Does that make sense? It’s those WrestleManias that you watch sometimes that I know it’s WrestleMania, but Jesus Christ, they just kind of threw their s*** together.

“It’s important for Billy and the NWA to put out the best quality product. So there’s nothing the matter. We’re not burying any of the ladies that are out there. We just at the time couldn’t find enough women to put together a show that held the same quality as last year.”

The first Empowerrr featured contracted performers from other promotions, and Murdoch added that he wished it was easier for everyone to just work together:

“Politics have been the worst when it comes to pro wrestling,” Murdoch added. “Like if we would all just chill out a little bit, and everybody kind of worked together because we’re all doing the same s***. It’s just different, different styles of it. You know what I mean?

“Man, how awesome of a product could we put together maybe once a year, if we can just put some of those differences behind us and just put on some amazing wrestling. And that’s the one good thing about Billy with NWA; he’s open to all of that. He’s open for discussion with any company. Not only to benefit just them, but it has to also benefit us too, though.”

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