Injury Update On Ivar Following WWE Raw Scare

Knock to the Viking Raider necessitated hurried match finish...

A scary incident on last night's episode of Raw resulted in a botched finish to an eight-man tag match, as the referee called an audible in order to end the match sooner than scheduled. 

During a match between The Hurt Business (with new member Cedric Alexander) and The Viking Raiders, Ricochet and Apollo Crews, Ivar performed a dive through the ropes onto a group of wrestlers. 

It looked as though he had injured himself as he flashed the 'X' signal, which communicated to those working in the backstage area that he was legitimately hurt. 

Alexander then pinned Ricochet in the ring following a Michinoku Driver, despite the King of Flight getting his shoulders up on the count of two. 

This was not supposed to be the finish of the match, but the referee ended it sooner than planned in order to help Ivar at ringside. As the show went to commercial break, the camera showed trainers tending to the downed competitor. 

While at first glance it looked as though Ivar had possibly injured his right leg on the spot, it is now being reported that he in fact suffered a cervical injury of some sort. 

According to, Ivar was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and is expected to make a full recovery. 

You can see the dive and the finish on the video below. 

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