WWE Clarifies Rules For Talents Using Third-Party Platforms

Twitch and YouTube accounts OK under real names but Cameo may be on the outs...

Last week it was reported that WWE were cracking down on their talent using third-party platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Cameo. 

In the Pandemic Era, many WWE Superstars have turned to the platforms as an alternate revenue source. 

The news that WWE were due to ban their performers (who are technically classed as independent contractors) from using the platforms for profit in their spare time received condemnation from many, including former Presidential hopeful and potential future Labor Secretary, Andrew Yang. 

Prior to last night's episode of Raw, WWE sought to clarify the rules for talent going forward. 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE have relaxed some of their rules with regards to social media marketing, backtracking on some of what was outlined in the letter sent to talent last Thursday. 

According to Meltzer, talent were informed that they would be able to keep their Twitch and YouTube channels, but would have to do so under their real (as opposed to their WWE character) names and would have to inform the company of the channels. 

It was not made expressly clear what won't be allowed, but the belief is that Cameo will not be (although it was said to be vague).  

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