Kurt Angle Comments On Possibility Of Brock Lesnar Joining AEW

The WWE Hall of Famer doesn't know why The Beast would ever want to leave WWE...

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had a storied rivalry in WWE many years ago and it appears that the two are still close outside of the ring to this day. 

The Olympic gold medalist has given his opinion on Lesnar's recent WWE exit, the chances of him going to AEW and whether or not The Next Big Thing would return to the Octagon for a UFC fight. 

Speaking to the Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast, Angle said that he doesn't know exactly what happened between Lesnar and WWE but that he believes there is more to the story than is being reported. 

He also mentioned how he is unsure if Brock even knows where he wants to go in the current climate, but that WWE wouldn't willingly let him go: “The company, obviously, they’re not going to let him go. Brock’s pretty level headed. He doesn’t get in any trouble. So there’s no reason to fire the kid. He’s a tremendous athlete, a tremendous employee. So I think Brock just got tired of doing it". 

Angle continued by talking about a potential AEW offer and how he believes Brock should end his career in WWE: “I don’t know. I don’t know if he wants to fight again. I don’t know if you want to go to another company. I cannot see him going to another company, unless Tony Khan wants to pay him $10-20 million. I don’t know, but you never know, but I think Brock should just end his career in WWE. I mean the way they treat him and the way he gets paid, I don’t know why he’d not want to just stay. It’s really up to him, but I think he wants to fight. I think that’s the reason".

On the possibility of The Beast Incarnate fighting in the UFC, Angle seemed to believe that Brock may want a fight with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, who has recently stepped up to the heavyweight division: "Brock's told me that several times that's who he wants. So if it happens, it happens, but I think that might be the only way to get Brock to fight. I think he just wants Jones". 

While there has been speculation that Brock might be on his way back to Dana White's company, there has been no talk between the two sides and Lesnar has not entered himself into the USADA drug testing pool, which he would need to do six months before being able to fight. 

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