'It's Like Godzilla And King Kong' - Booker T Wants Brock Lesnar Vs. Bobby Lashley In WWE

"You know this is gonna be the fight of all fights as far as the heavyweights of today’s era."

Booker T believes Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar could put on one of the best 'big man matches' WWE has ever seen. 

Lashley and Lesnar has been considered a dream match in WWE for a long time, made even more plausible since Lashley's return to the promotion. Since becoming WWE Champion in February, Lashley has been vocal about his desire to face Lesnar. 

The Beast has not been seen on WWE television since WrestleMania 36, and his contract has reportedly expired, but Booker T is still eager to see the bout.

The WWE Hall of Famer said on his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast: "It’s definitely a match that’s just lurking. It’s like a cloud that’s hovering. It’s definitely a marquee match, and it’s definitely a match that’s WrestleMania-worthy.

"The reason I think it would really be good is because Brock Lesnar as a pro wrestler has really come into his own. He knows how to go out and work like a seasoned veteran and like he’s grizzled. Bobby Lashley has stepped up as far as his psychology, his aggressiveness, and just that raw edge that you see when the guy is doing his business.

"Together, I think that would be one of the best big man matches we’ve seen in the business just because both of those guys know how to work now at this level."

The six-time World Champion was asked how he would book the build to the match, with Booker T suggesting that simplicity is key. 

He added: "MVP is cutting a great promo on the world as far as Lashley being the almighty, then [Brock Lesnar’s] music hits. That right there, I could get goose-bumps and buy into. That’s money.

"Of course, nothing needs to be said. Just a stare-down, and then we build the angle from that. [Brock’s] music has a certain lure to it. You know who it is, and you go, ‘Oh my goodness.’

"It’s like Godzilla and King Kong. You know this is gonna be the fight of all fights as far as the heavyweights of today’s era. Those guys are it. I would love to see it happen."

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