Jake Roberts: AEW Talent Don't Listen To Me

AEW talents don’t listen to Jake Roberts, according to ‘The Snake’ himself

He is one of the most recognisable stars of the 1980s, and often regarded as one of the greatest promos in wrestling history, but according to Jake Roberts, the young stars of All Elite Wrestling don’t listen to him.

The legendary ‘Snake’ has been in AEW since early 2020, but during an appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show’s ‘Cheap Heat’ podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that the active talent don’t listen to him:

“I always kept it real. I didn’t do a bunch of flashy s*** that everybody knows is horse s***. I didn’t waste moves, I didn’t hit somebody with a sledgehammer and let ‘em get up. I mean, my God, if I hit you with a sledgehammer and you got up, brother, I’m leaving. You know, I don’t care if your wife does own half the company. I’m still leaving. It’s just ridiculous s*** man. You don’t wanna insult the people’s intelligence.

“My biggest b**** is doing all this high-flying s***. In and out of the ring, over the top, through the ropes, triple (flip) over the top, you know? And the guy gets beat with a f****** schoolboy. Are you kidding me? Are you serious? You do all this fantastic s*** and then you wind up losing with a schoolboy because you’re too prideful to be beat by the guy’s best move. Me, if I’m gonna get beat, I wanna get beat by the guy’s very best move,” said Roberts.

Roberts continued, revealing how the young up-and-comers don’t take his veteran advice on board:

“They don’t listen to me at all. Their idea is, ‘you know what Jake? I got a fat f****** contract, I’m gonna ride this’. I get it, I get it but here’s the thing, 10 years from now, half those guys, you won’t even remember their name. I say 85 percent of ‘em, you won’t even remember their names. Because they’re flash in the pans and they don’t have any character. They haven’t built a character.

“Jake ‘The Snake’ has not been in a ring since 1997, 2000 - that’s 20-something years and I’m still (figuring this) out man. I’m barely keeping my head above the water. I’m being buried with people wanting me to do things… go here, go there, signings, signings, signings, signings. I get to these signings, I don’t see these young kids doing signings. You know why? Because nobody knows who the f*** they are. They don’t. They go, wait a minute, I’ve seen him on TV and then they see how little they are. Holy s***, they’re really blown away then,” said Roberts.

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