Jake Roberts Signs New Two-Year Deal With AEW

The Snake is sticking around

After shockingly debuting in March 2020 to confront Cody Rhodes, Jake Roberts has enjoyed a regular run on AEW television, as the handler for Lance Archer.

Originally working for AEW on a ten-week deal, Roberts ended up sticking around, and has now revealed that he has signed a new two-year deal with the company.

Talking with long-time pal Diamond Dallas Page on YouTube, Roberts said:

“It [Roberts promo with Cody Rhodes] inspired me to stay with AEW. Thanks to Tony Khan, when I originally signed with them, it was for a ten-week deal. After eight weeks, the guy comes along with some papers and is like 'you need to sign these.' 'What for?' 'It's your contract.' 'Dude, I only have two weeks left.' 'No, you have another year.' A few weeks ago, I buzz Tony and say, 'I have four weeks left, what do you want me to do?' Next thing you know, he starts setting up my stuff and says, 'You need to sign another piece of paper.' I sign it again and after I signed it, I found it that is wasn't for a year, it was for two years. He's such a wonderful man. He gave me my love for wrestling back. It's great to be part of it.”

Roberts added, “It’s great to be a part of it so for me, I’ve taken on that job - not a job, a pleasure, to keep my eyes open and see people that are struggling and go to them and try to help them.”

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