James Storm Discusses Why He Didn't Sign With NXT

He appeared on the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho...

In 2019, James Storm made his debut in the National Wrestling Alliance. During his short stint with the company he has captured the NWA National Heavyweight Championship and fought notable opponents like Colt Cabana and Nick Aldis. On December 15th, Storm will challenge Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at Into The Fire.

The former IMPACT Wrestling star recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, where he discussed a number of topics, including what it's been like wrestling on the independent scene, Beer Money with Bobby Roode, and having a fan try to hit him with a bag of change in Alabama.

The Cowboy also discussed why he decided not to sign with NXT in 2015. While Storm took part in two sets of TV tapings, he opted to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling instead. The Cowboy explained he opted not to remain in WWE because he and his wife were trying for another child at the time, and he had to be home to "have sex". He also added that the guaranteed money from IMPACT was too good to turn down.

These factors combined into Triple H telling Storm to go back to IMPACT, but to call him in two years when his contract expired. Storm explained that he has tried to call the Cerebral Assassin since, but has been unable to get in contact.

Storm said: "I went down and I had the match and I talked to Hunter and everything, and then they wanted me to come back for the second match and I went back. I was talking to him and I actually showed him the contract that TNA offered me […] He was talking about how they were going to be running between 125-130 shows and I said right now, with my wife wanting to have another kid [...] basically where I had to be home. He actually told me: 'Look I can’t tell someone to pass up guaranteed money, especially when its that amount, especially being a business like this, but to me I don’t think you’ll be down here in NXT that long…but I’m not the one who makes that call.'"

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