Jason Jordan's WWE Career Could Sadly Be Over

It would be a tremendous shame.

The writing could sadly be on the wall for Jason Jordan's in-ring career.

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writes: "Jason Jordan is less likely to return. You never say never, but in his case, it wasn’t looking good and there has been in the past the feeling that his career could be over."

Jordan underwent neck surgery back in 2018 and was scheduled to miss a year of action. He returned to WWE as a road agent whilst rehabbing, but it seems to be that his time has come and gone as an active competitor.

Jason Jordan seemed like a can't-miss prospect when he was lighting up the tag team division in NXT alongside Chad Gable. His time on the main roster will be remembered for the ill-fated storyline where he was revealed as Kurt Angle's illigitimate son. Many fans never warmed to Jordan in this role, and it was quietly dismissed.

Jordan will still continue working for the WWE in his capacity as a road agent regardless of an in-ring comeback.

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