Jazz Comments On A Potential WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

The ftwo-time WWE Women’s Champion recently hung up her boots

ECW Original. Former WWE Women’s Champion. IMPACT Wrestling Knockout. Jazz did it all in a 22 year career, and now after hanging up her boots is undoubtedly a worthy candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame.

But talking to The Angle podcast, Jazz said she wan’t sure if it’d ever happen.

“Me being a Hall of Famer for WWE, I don’t know,” said Jazz “I mean I don’t know if that will ever happen. I just want to say this. If it’s ever going to happen, do it while I’m alive. Don’t wait until I’m dead and gone. I would like to be there and share that moment with my kids. Don’t bring my kids up on the stage with tears in their eyes wishing their mom was there to receive this. Give me my flowers while I live. Don’t let me die and be forgotten about and then ‘oh yeah here’. If it were to happen, I would love to be inducted by Paul Heyman.”

Jazz recently retired after losing a title vs career match with IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purazzo, in a run that Jazz was taken aback by:

“There was no timetable [for the IMPACT run] and it went longer than what I thought,” said Jazz “I wasn’t expecting a 4,5, or 6-month run. I was thinking maybe 3 appearances or something and bam they took me out real quick, but they hung in there with me. I’m so grateful for it.

“I knew myself that I was not the Jazz that everyone was used to seeing and I was a little stressed out thinking about how the fans would react. I’ve had a great career! And that’s just my in-ring performance that I’m retired from. Behind the scenes I’m still going strong! I was excited about it. I love Deonna’s work. She is one of the best out here right now. If there’s someone that I’m passing the torch onto it couldn’t have been a better person than Deonna. She’s so well deserving of that. She’s a great champion and has a great mind for the business. She loves the business. I love everything about her.”

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