JBL Addresses Buff Bagwell's Claims About Trying To End His Career

JBL has questioned Buff's interpretation of events

WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield has responded to accusations from Buff Bagwell that he tried to end 'The Stuff's' career. 

Bagwell responded to a tweet detailing a passage in Bob 'Hardcore' Holly's autobiography about an airport altercation between Bradshaw and Steve Blackman, writing 'Bradshaw attempted to end my career in a dark segment on Smackdown, I'm glad he's grown up from those days'

The former WWE Champion evidently saw Buff's reply and wrote back to set the record straight, saying:

'Buff - this is simply not true. It was a powerbomb, a called spot - and I landed you flat, which is safe. No different from anyone else I powerbombed back in the day - stiff, yes, dangerous - no. This is the first I've heard of this. Not doubting what you thought - but zero intent to injure'.

Bagwell then responded to JBL, admitting that he was perhaps going by what he was told by other people back in the day, tweeting 'I appreciate that, you know how it goes, people talk and I was dumb enough to listen'

The two then shared more good wishes while confirming to fans that there is no ill will between them. 

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