JBL Recalls Dusty Rhodes Helping With WWE Bullrope Match Finish Despite Working For TNA

Dusty was the King of the Bullrope match

When you think of certain match types a specific wrestler will come to mind - The Undertaker and Hell in a Cell, Edge and TLC, and for many you can’t think of a Bullrope Match without thinking of Dusty Rhodes.

So synonymous was The American Dream with the stipulation that he was seen as the go to go guy when putting one together, no matter where he worked. And as revealed on a Q&A video on his YouTube channel, JBL has revealed that Dusty helped with a WWE Bullrope Match when part of TNA’s creative team:

“Dusty Rhodes, his birthday was this week,” started JBL “Put the picture up of me challenging Dusty at Full Sail to a bull rope match, that was 100% a rib,” JBL revealed. “I told Dusty I was gonna challenge him to a bull rope match. He was the king of the bull rope. I’ve done so many of them. In fact, when we did the bull rope match with Eddie [Guerrero], Vince [McMahon] told Bruce [Prichard], ‘Call Dusty,’ who was working the other company [TNA] at the time and asked him to help you out with a finish, so Dusty actually gave us the finish despite not working for WWE at the time. I told Dusty, ‘I’m gonna come out and challenge you to a bull rope match.’ He thought I was kidding. I found a bull rope somewhere, put a bell on it, came out, 100% rib. Dusty could hardly keep from laughing. It was a fun time with The American Dream.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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