JBL Recalls Vince McMahon's Mission To Make The Undertaker Break Character

A running gag in 2004

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield has opened up on how Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn would both help him come up with material to help make The Undertaker break character at WWE events. 

JBL and 'Taker feuded over the WWE Championship in 2004 and each SmackDown show at that time would end with the duo interacting, inevitably with The Deadman hitting Layfield with a Tombstone Piledriver.

It became a running gag to try and make Undertaker laugh and therefore break character, something that JBL was getting help from WWE Chairman McMahon in doing.

Speaking at Steel City Con, JBL said: "At the end of every night during the run in 2004-2005, after TV, I’d go out there and I would do something and The Undertaker would go out there and choke-slam me and tombstone me and everything else for the live crowd.

"So, every night I’d get beat up by The Undertaker and I would always try to get him to break character and everybody would give me stuff throughout the entire day. Kevin Dunn, who’s Vince’s [McMahon] lead guy and Vince McMahon would give me stuff, everyone was in on it, giving me stuff to try and get The Undertaker to try and break character.

"I got him one time and it made me laugh so much that he just choke-slammed me and gave me a tombstone and that was it. He had gone on a vacation and the camper that he rented had overheated and it was like 105 degrees and he said he looked back and his dog was just laying on the floor panting and his kids were mad at him. So, I go out there and I say ‘you need to turn that frown upside down, you need to rent a camper and go on a vacation’ and at that point, he starts to laugh and I laughed and then got a tombstone and that was it."

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