DDP Advised John Morrison To Join AEW Instead Of Returning To WWE

Morrison was released by WWE last month

Diamond Dallas Page has revealed he advised John Morrison to consider joining All Elite Wrestling prior to re-joining WWE in 2019.

Morrison made his return to WWE in 2019 after initially departing in 2011 but DDP, who is friends with Morrison, suggested that he pursued a move to Tony Khan's AEW instead.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's The Bro Show, DDP said: "When John was thinking about going back (to WWE), I was like, 'Bro, go to AEW. You'll be a huge star there.'

"Johnny's one of the most talented workers on the planet... AEW is a different version of WCW, where the work-rate is different to the jargon. The workers there are... you've just seen the guys from Undisputed (Era), all those cats can work their a*s off.

"That guy (Morrison) is one of the most talented human beings, as far as being an athlete, on the planet. His whole parkour stuff that he does. He's a real-life superhero."

Morrison was released by WWE in November amid another round of reported budget-related cuts by the promotion.

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