Tony Khan: It Makes Me Very Happy To See My Father Attend AEW Shows

Tony's dad helped him to start the promotion

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan admits it has been special for him to see his dad, Shahid Khan, in attendance for shows over the past year.

Billionaire Shahid Khan helped his son start AEW by providing the initial investment, admitting that he did not initially believe it was a good idea for Tony to use the money to start a wrestling promotion. 

AEW has enjoyed success throughout 2021 and Tony Khan has admitted it makes him happy to see his dad enjoying the shows.

Talking to the Culture State Podcast, Khan said about his dad: "“He loves coming, so that means a lot to me. When I see him there enjoying it and how proud he is of how it’s all gone, that makes me very happy.

"Especially then, I do get to enjoy it a little bit. But that being said, that’s when I’m running around and chasing people and doing format changes and moving stuff around and coming up with ideas. So, I don’t get to soak it in then as much as I’d like, but that makes me really happy."

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