Jeff Hardy: I've Never Felt Uncomfortable With Any Of WWE's Pitches

It's like "therapy" for Hardy

Jeff Hardy has battled drug and alcohol addiction outside of the squared circle and the former WWE Champion entered in-patient rehab following a DUI arrest in October 2019. 

While Hardy has been clean ever since, WWE did use his past issues with drugs and alcohol as part of a storyline with Sheamus following The Charismatic Enigma's return in March 2020. 

The feud involved Hardy throwing a urine sample over Sheamus after The Celtic Warrior demanded he take a drug test and Jeff was repeatedly called a "junkie" before their rivalry ended with a Bar Fight.

Many fans found the feud to be distasteful but Hardy has said he's never "felt uncomfortable" with anything WWE has pitched him.

"It was just an idea. It all starts as an inkling, a concept. Naturally, they ask if you're comfortable with it and for me, all that stuff is therapy. It's being honest with the world and the people who have provided me with an incredible living over the years with my fans and the WWE universe. I'm open-minded to anything. If I feel comfortable with it, I roll with it. I've never felt uncomfortable with anything they've pitched to me," Hardy said on Felger & Massaroti.

Since the feud, WWE has largely avoided mentioning Hardy's past issues on TV and The Charismatic Enigma now finds himself stuck in the Raw mid-card. 

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