Jeff Hardy: There Is A Chance Willow Could Appear In AEW

Will the alter ego of Hardy appear in an AEW ring?

Jeff Hardy has only been a part of the AEW roster for a couple of months, but already, the Owen Hart Foundation tournament semifinalist is potentially looking to change up his game. 

During a recent edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Hardy noted there is a chance Willow will become All Elite - but he won't be in the House of Black. 

“Yes, of course, there is [a chance Willow could appear in AEW] but not with House of Black," Hardy said.

"He is [inside of Jeff] and that's it. When he comes out to play, he comes out and it's going to be exciting.”

Willow is the gimmick Hardy used most notably in TNA between 2013-14. 

Hardy himself explained the origins of the gimmick - which he also used during his OMEGA days before initially signing with WWE in the 90s - in the Hardy Boyz book Exist 2 Inspire: “The name Willow the Wisp came from the Marvel Comics bad guy Will O’The Wisp, which in turn came from an English folktale about a guy who was murdered, and then his body was dumped into a swamp. 

"His ghost became known as will-o’-the-wisp. It was a mischievous spirit that would appear as a bright light to which led travelers off the road and into the marshes...Willow the Wisp was supposed to be just pure evil.”

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription used towards the top of the article

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