Jeff Jarrett Calls AEW Full Gear Moment With Sting "Pretty Special”

Jeff Jarrett and Sting clashed for the first time in years at AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear saw Jeff Jarrett and Sting reignite their rivalry, as the two former WCW and TNA stars clashed for the first time in an AEW ring.

When the two Hall of Famers finally met in-ring, loud ‘TNA’ chants erupted in the arena, and Jarrett has given his take on the moment, saying the following on the My World podcast:

“This past weekend was surreal. It was really, really surreal,” Jarrett said. “Prudential Center, 12,000 fans, I don’t know, but it was full. We were late on the card. I was curious to see where the placement was gonna be with me and old Stinger and the tag. I’ll tell you one thing. Darby puts it in another gear from the time he comes through the curtain.”

Jarrett continued; “When old Stinger turned around in the ring and it was just me and him in the ring… Lot of moments. Life is about moments. This industry’s certainly about moments, but that is a moment that is etched in my brain. I don’t lose sight of the gratitude coming out of it, both of us, at our stage of our career. 24 years from our first [time] locking them up in WCW, and Tony Schiavone, our podcast-mate, him on the call. Pretty special.”

H/T: WrestleZone

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