Jeff Jarrett Likely To Wrestle Again In 2022

Possibly more Jeff Jarrett in the ring this year

After three years away from the squared circle, Jeff Jarrett returned to the ring in January, defeating EFFY at Game Changer Wrestling's Hammerstein Ballroom show.

'The Last Outlaw' has since appeared at a WWE house show and been a special guest referee at NWA Crockett Cup, but he hasn't wrestled since The Wrld on GCW.

That doesn't mean Jarrett is finished performing, though, and JJ told Muscle Man Malcolm he is just picking his spots and opportunities.

"I'm really taking that sort of one opportunity at a time. The Game Changer situation came about after - a lot of people think that was a month or two discussion. Actually, they had been in contact with me for multiple years and it just never lined up, but I thought the opportunity came about at the right time, beginning of 2022, you know, January 1, I appeared for those guys, culminating at the Hammerstein Ballroom and then EFFY, and I've gone on record multiple times how what I think of him as a talent," Jarrett said.

"So I don't think it's the last you've seen of the last outlaw. But I'm certainly picking my spots and opportunities, lots going on in my world, so to speak."

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