Jeff Jarrett Reveals Where GFW's Title Belts Are

Jeff Jarrett has spoken of GFW’s old title belts

Global Force Wrestling’s history was short but turbulent, with Jeff Jarrett’s company forming a partnership with TNA, and briefly replacing TNA itself, before the two companies parted ways shortly afterwards.

There have been no GFW shows since 2018, and during a recent episode of the My World podcast, Jarrett revealed where GFW’s title belts are:

“The heavyweight and tag, in the failed merger, were utilised. Where that actual belt would be, it’s in Anthem’s possession. Where exactly, I have no idea,” said Jarrett. “That was a part of that discovery that was never uncovered. The NEX GEN belt, I have, I think. So the women’s belt I think is with Anthem as well. So that’s assets.

“Remember last week, we talked about merch? Karen reminded me. ‘Yes, Jeff. We’ve got pictures. Not a ton, so we’ve got to do something fun with that.’ It’ll make Karen happy to get it out of storage because we moved it from one place.”

Jarrett continued, noting how he and former TNA commentator Don West were planning to sell GFW merch before West’s passing earlier this year:

"Before his passing, me and Don West had a couple of different conversations. He literally was like, ‘Dude, are you kidding me?’ He said, ‘You think you can find some action shots? All your current stuff? That’s kind of part of your history. It’s kind of this and that.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, we can bundle this. How many shirts do you really have?’ I said, ‘Don, maybe four or five. It’s very limited.’ He said, ‘I can get on camera…’ I said everything I own, of GFW merch, that you can get in one camera shot.’ He said, ‘Well, then there you go. That is the limited amount,’ but he said we can package up a couple different things. At the time, the action figure that came out… Don went into this whole shtick that we could, kind of the baseball, have some surprises. Anyway, look, there’s half a box of brown bag stuff. Anyway, Conrad, you’re going to give me your best Don West thinking cap, and we’ll figure it out,Jarrett said.

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