Jerry Lawler Addresses Recent "Ramen Noodle Moonsault" Comment From WWE Raw

His call of a specific move created a stir...

WWE Raw announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler created a bit of recent controversy, following a particular line he uttered during the April 13 edition of Raw. After Akira Tozawa hit a flipping dive onto Austin Theory during a match, Lawler asked aloud if the move was called a, "Ramen noodle moonsault."

Lawler addressed the comments on his podcast, explaining that his ignorance toward move names stems from his time working with Mauro Ranallo on SmackDown in 2016. "The King" claimed it was his way of creating contentious banter with Ranallo, who has an extensive background calling Japanese wrestling.

"I would say something like, "There’s the Ramen Noodle moonsault" and he would say, "Oh, King! You know there's no such thing!" and we would just go on. I was doing it just to play devil’s advocate with Mauro. If I were still doing commentary with Michael Cole or JR, we had the chemistry to where each one of those guys would have known that I was almost making a fool out of myself by claiming like I was acting like I knew what this unbelievable looking move was.

"Then either Cole or JR would have said ‘"Oh, King! You know better than that!" With Byron (Saxton) and Tom (Phillips), we don’t have that chemistry yet. We have only been working together for a short time so when I said that, they didn’t even acknowledge it so it kind of went out and they just kept talking and I kept talking. I didn’t think anything about it either.”

Lawler further went on to indicate that his use of the line was meant to show his ignorance as a heel commentator, adding, "That’s where me, Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, all of the heel commentators do that sort of stuff and the joke is on yourself that the people out there say, "Look at that idiot. He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about and he thinks he does.' That's where the joke was."

(Credit to Figure 4 Weekly for transcription)

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