Jerry Lawler Reveals How His Casket Match Against nZo Came Together

nZo bringing his casket to work

At the age of 71, Jerry Lawler continues to wrestle on the independent wrestling scene. In 2021 alone, Lawler has faced Leatherface, W. Morrissey and Scott Steiner. 

The King also continues to perform in stipulation matches and he faced nZo in a Casket Match at Northeast Wrestling's Wrestlefest 25 in August. 

The match was originally just going to be a singles match but it was changed to a Casket Match one day before the show. 

Speaking during a K&S Wrestlefest virtual signing, Lawler revealed how the Casket Match came together.

"It was crazy. nZo had been talking about - he'd been making these social media interviews about our match that was coming up and it was just gonna be a regular match, and all of a sudden, I get to hearing from some friends of some of the things nZo was saying," Lawler began.

"nZo had run his mouth about - you know, he was kind of throwing in a little bit of shade towards the WWE and he wanted to play off the fact that of course that I had the cardiac arrest and he said, 'You know, Lawler got a second chance at life. I never got a second chance when I got fired from WWE. I didn't get a second chance but The King did' and he said, 'I'm a little jealous of that fact.' He said, so, 'He's not gonna get a third chance, when I finish him in the ring' and he said he'd been studying Ox Baker's 'Heart Punch' and he said, 'I'm gonna finish Lawler off once and for all with this Heart Punch and he won't have a third chance,'" he continued. 

"So I heard those interviews and I called the promoter and I said, 'You know what'd be kind of cool is why don't we make this a Casket Match?' And so, plus, you don't have to actually beat anybody in a Casket Match. Somebody's gonna get put in the casket and roll away and so, apparently, this is the funny thing; apparently Mike Lombardi, the Northeast Wrestling promoter, he calls up nZo and approaches him with the idea of making it a Casket Match and nZo says, 'Oh my gosh, yeah. I own a casket.' What? So Mike calls me back and says, 'You know nZo owns a casket?' I said, 'Well that's perfect.' Sure enough, he pulled up in a truck with a casket behind him. So that's how the Casket Match came about."

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