Jessamyn Duke And Marina Shafir Make WWE Raw Debuts

They joined up with Shayna Baszler...

Since Shayna Baszler moved to Monday Night Raw on a permanent basis, she has been without her fellow Horsewomen Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

This all changed last night as Duke and Shafir made their WWE Raw debuts as they were shown chatting to Baszler backstage. Their night didn't end there, however, as The Supernova From Moldova was the latest Superstar to enter Raw Underground. It didn't take Shafir long to dispatch of the jobber, however, as she forced her opponent to tap out after 40 seconds. 

Marina had no time to celebrate, though, as she was suddenly attacked from behind by Nia Jax. Baszler and The Facebreaker then almost came to blows but the former Raw Women's Champion decided to retreat, leaving the three Horsewomen standing tall to end the segment. 

Duke and Shafir's debuts come after a two-year run in NXT. After signing with WWE in May 2018, they spent most of their time in the black and gold brand running interference for The Queen Of Spades, but they also competed in a handful of matches. Neither Shafir nor Duke have wrestled at all since March, however, and have often been used in the crowd for WWE TV instead.

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