Rey Mysterio Returns On WWE Raw

He may never fully regain his sight, however...

At The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Rey Mysterio was blinded by Seth Rollins in their Eye For An Eye Match. The Master Of The 619 hadn't been seen on WWE TV since but he returned to Monday Night Raw last night.

The company had been teasing Rey's return throughout the night and he finally appeared alongside his son Dominik. The former World Heavyweight Champion then told the audience at home he may never fully recover his sight. Despite this, no doctor can stop him from protecting his son and he announced he will be in Dominik's corner at SummerSlam. This sudden announcement got the attention of The Monday Night Messiah as Rollins appeared on the titantron and cut a promo on The Ultimate Underdog.

This only angered Rey, however, and he challenged Rollins to come to the ring and fight him. Seth and Murphy duly obliged, but the Mysterios proved it was all a trap as once the heels entered the ring, Rey distracted them which gave Dominik the opening he needed to pick up two kendo sticks and attack Rollins and Murphy from behind. The half-blind Mysterio then climbed back into the ring and he and his son beat down The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple with the weapons. 

Rollins and Murphy eventually managed to escape, but the Mysterios will only have to wait six days before they can batter their enemies with kendo sticks once again.

Rey's return comes after reports noted he had agreed to stay with WWE. All Elite Wrestling also reportedly tried to sign The Master Of The 619, but WWE offered him more money overall. 

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