Jessica McKay Didn't Want The IIconics To Turn On Each Other

“It's been done so many times and we were trying to think of what's different, what hasn't been done?”

When WWE split The Iiconics it was a disappointment to many fans, as well as The Iiconics themselves.

Forced to split after losing to The Riott Squad in August 2020, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce went their separate ways, and in an interview with Chris Van Vliet on Insight, Jessica McKay (fka Billie Kay) has revealed that she never wanted to turn on each other:

"Personally, I didn't want to feud. I didn't want one of us to turn heel on each other. That's just me being selfish. I wanted to leave it open-ended. I wanted there to be a reason for it, but I didn't want us to blatantly turn on each other, only because we thought we would get back together in the future. Also, I feel like every tag team does that. I wanted to be different. What's different? Breaking up, but not hating each other. It's been done so many times and we were trying to think of what's different, what hasn't been done? When we found out the stipulation it was like, 'Oh, perfect,' it fit what we were going for, hopefully. They could have booked anything, but I personally wanted to end it mutually so we could come back to each other easier.”

McKay continued:

”We were spitballing ideas, but at the end of the day, you hope for the best. You show up and it's completely different. That was a lot of us talking and figuring out what we would prefer because we didn't know what it was happening and there was still question marks around it. We were just trying to figure out what we would like. Then it did happen and we found out the stipulation and it was, 'Okay, we can work with this.'"

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