Jessika Carr Reveals Advice From Shawn Michaels In WWE NXT

Carr worked in NXT before moving to SmackDown in 2019

WWE referee Jessika Carr has recalled a piece of advice from Shawn Michaels she heard during her time working in NXT.

Carr became WWE's first female official since the 1980s when moved up to work on Friday Night SmackDown in 2019 and recently became both the first female referee inside Hell In A Cell and the first female to officiate a match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel 2021.

Carr has revealed she would sit in on Shawn Michaels' coaching sessions during her time in NXT and revealed a nugget of advice that has stuck with her ever since.

Speaking with Table Talk, Carr revealed: "When I was in NXT, I would sit in the skull sessions with Shawn Michaels, and he said ‘in order to be a home run hitter, you have to hit home runs.’ So that’s just my priority, to every time I go out there, hit a home run with whatever I’m given.

"If opportunities lead to other opportunities, great. But my focus and my goal is to go out there and be trusted with what I have, and do well with everything that I have."

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