Jim Ross Hails Gerald Brisco's Role In Austin Vs. Bret At WWE WrestleMania 13

Brisco was one of the agents behind the classic submission match

Nearly 25 years after occurring, the submission match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13 is still hailed as one of the greatest bouts in WWE history, and according to Jim Ross, Gerald Brisco deserves a portion of the credit.

Talking about the Hall of Famer on the Grilling JR podcast, Ross hailed Brisco’s talents as a road agent, saying he was somewhat underrated in the role:

“He was really good at it. He could place himself, because he had been there, into the wrestling boots of the participants. I don’t know that the goal when that match started was to turn Austin babyface, to be honest with you. But how the match was laid out led to that. Gerry was phenomenal. When talking to talents about the match, when laying out the concept and philosophy, the talents trusted him. They knew he wasn’t after their spot. He didn’t have a relative that wanted their spot. He was all for them to have a great performance. Between he and Pat Patterson, WWE had two really strong finish guys – both had success and great experience and so forth.

“Gerry was just… people trusted Gerry. He had great ideas. He had been a wrestling heel, a top babyface, had success with tags, singles, the whole nine yards. So, he was a viable asset. And when you go back and look at WrestleMania 13, I thought that match was phenomenal and as good as I’d seen. I’m glad I got to call it. You could see Pat and Gerry’s fingerprints on it. Those two guys had two of the greatest architects in pro wrestling history – Steve and Bret, and Gerry and Pat. It worked out really, really good. Gerry will never get the credit that he deserves. It should go mostly to the talents, but sometimes, you’ve got to look at the game plan and the coaching.”

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