Jim Ross Provides Update On His Battle Against Skin Cancer

Ross is undergoing radiation treatment

All Elite Wrestling's Jim Ross has provided an update on his battle against skin cancer. 

Ross began his radiation treatment this week, with the iconic commentator undergoing 22 doses. Speaking ahead of the course, JR admitted to feeling nervous but optimistic, also revealing that his final radiation treatment is planned for the day he hopes to return to work with AEW.

Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, which was recorded earlier this week, he said: "I’m getting ready for the process of a big week here starting this radiation treatment every day for 22 days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. I wish they did it on Saturday and Sunday. I would get through it quicker. But I have to do 22 treatments and they do them Monday through Friday. I have a really good oncologist.

“I think this whole thing is going to be alright. I’m a little bit nervous to be honest with you. I’m a little bit apprehensive I guess, but I’m not afraid. I’m going to win this fight. It’s just a matter of let’s get it started, throw some punches, and see where it takes us.

"I got it planned out. If all goes on schedule, my last treatment will be on the day of the Dynamite show at Daily’s Place. I’ll have my last treatment that morning, and then hopefully be back on the air that night. That’s the plan.

"I’ve had some issues. I didn’t realize my surgery on my back was going to be as significant as it was because obviously, I can’t lay eyes on that place very easily because it’s on my back. I think I got 12 stitches. That may not sound like a lot of stitches, but when it’s where it is, it’s just so easy to bump on something, turn over in bed, reach for something, whatever the case may be, and aggravate that deal.

"It’s healing a lot better, but it’s in a bad spot. It’s just sensitive, so that was a lot more than what I bargained for. Then down below that, they were going to cut that out too, but I guess he (the doctor) thought it was going to be too much, so they burned it off.  They burned it off and cauterized it, and boy that stunk."


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