Jim Ross Reveals AEW Contract Talks

Jim Ross and Tony Khan have been in talks about a new AEW deal

Jim Ross has been with AEW since day one, though it is known that in the upcoming months his contract with the company will be ending. With Ross’ critiqued performances on commentary and his growing age, it has led to some fans believing that he and AEW will part ways. Ross doesn’t think that's the case, and he has even revealed that talks are ongoing to continue his stay in AEW.

On his Grillin’ JR podcast, he stated that he had been talking to Tony Khan;

"I'm very blessed. Tony Khan has answered a lot of my prayers and I hope to continue working for AEW for the foreseeable future. That's our goal, that's Tony's goal, that's my goal. Tony and I had a nice chat about my contract last week at TV. Things are moving along well in that regard. I'm sure that between Barry Bloom, my agent, and the legal department at AEW that they're going to get something worked out. That's my belief, I'm being positive and optimistic.”

If his words hold truth, expect to see JR in AEW for a while longer. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly