Jinder Mahal Talks About Feeling 'Overlooked' By WWE

Jinder Mahal has a chance to change his WWE career trajectory

Jinder Mahal has the opportunity to put himself back into the spotlight when he challenges WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on tonight's episode of Raw (January 15 2024).

Despite being a former WWE Champion in his own right, the 37-year-old believes he has been overlooked by the company in recent times. During an appearance on the latest episode of The Bump, Jinder spoke about how he was feeling ahead of his big match with Rollins:

"I feel great, but at the same time I feel a little offended. More or less, I have been overlooked. What's the word I'm looking for, the word I'm looking for — yeah, I feel overlooked. I'm really frustrated at the fact, you know, I was doing my part of helping the next generation, focusing on Indus Sher. I see all of these superstars like CM Punk, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, really being the highlight of Raw, and it seems to be that the people have forgotten the Modern Day Maharaja. The man who was once the WWE Champion, and I think it's time to step back into that spotlight to become champion once again," Mahal said.

After being asked why Seth forgot about him when looking for new challengers, Mahal replied: 

"Again, I feel overlooked. Overlooked by the WWE Universe and by the WWE itself. For example, when was the last time that you saw the Modern Day Maharaja's face on any promotional material? PLE posters? We got these trucks that tour the United States, never is the face of the Modern Day Maharaja presented anywhere."

As well as being a former WWE Champion, Mahal is also a former WWE United States Champion. However, his role on WWE television has noticeably diminished in recent years.

One person who has been critical of Jinder receiving a World Heavyweight Title shot after the way he has been booked of late is AEW CEO Tony Khan, who blasted WWE's decision to make the match in a tirade on X (formerly Twitter). Some AEW talents were said to be 'embarrassed' by Khan's social media outburst. 

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