AEW Talents Embarrassed By Tony Khan's Twitter Tirade About Jinder Mahal

AEW talent on Tony Khan's latest Twitter rant

Tony Khan carried out his latest tirade on X (FKA Twitter) this week as the All Elite Wrestling CEO took shots at WWE booking Jinder Mahal - a wrestler who has won two matches since the start of 2022 - in a World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins. Khan accused people of double standards too for allegedly criticising his decision to position HOOK for an AEW World Title match against Samoa Joe. 

The tweets received a wide range of reactions from across the wrestling world but Khan’s latest tirade doesn’t appear to have been well-received within All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that a number of AEW talents found Khan's posts "embarrassing."   

"Here's the thing, I got a lot of tweets, it was the exact same thing as last time, I got a lot of tweets from people in AEW who were like 'Why is he doing this on Twitter? This is embarrassing.' That's what they said, they said it last time too, I'm sure he's aware of it. But he sees this as look at all this engagement I get for these tweets and then I can tweet out some promotion for some matches for Wednesday and it'll help boost the rating, that's why he does it," Alvarez stated.

Khan has often taken shots at WWE on social media since AEW's founding in 2019. He has stated in the past that AEW is very much the challenger brand within pro wrestling to WWE in number one, previously calling AEW the Pepsi of pro wrestling while WWE are Coca-Cola. 

Khan's past tirade about Triple H and Shawn Michaels during the build to AEW Dynamite going head-to-head with WWE NXT in October 2023 also received a negative reception amongst AEW talents

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