Joey Janela Admits It's Been Hard Working In AEW The Past Couple Of Months

The Bad Boy speaks...

Recently on AEW TV, Joey Janela has been embroiled in a rivalry with his ex-girlfriend Penelope Ford and her new squeeze Kip Sabian. Janela lost their first encounter on the February 5 episode of Dynamite after interference from Ford, but they are set to continue their feud on tonight's episode of Dark in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

During a recent interview with the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, The Bad Boy admitted working in AEW had been hard over the past couple of months, notably because of the lack of control he has compared to the Independent scene. While you "walk to the beat of your own drum" and know what direction you're going in on the Indies, he said he doesn't know what he will be doing week to week in AEW, which has been particularly jarring.

Despite this, Janela did say he was excited to see where his character goes next, even if he is more "restricted."

"I don’t know where we're going. Like I said, I live week by week with what I'm doing. It's never really been like that for me, I've always had control over myself on the independents and I knew what direction I was going to be going in," Janela said. "So, it's a different case. Working TV is hard, man, its stressful dude, especially the last couple of months. It's just been hard. It's not that I don't grasp the TV formula and stuff, it's just it's hard when you're on the independents and you kind of just walk to the beat of your own drum, and really the last couple of years no one could tell me anything. For Joey Janela, there was no restrictions…Now I'm restricted. It is what it is. I'm excited to see where I go and who knows?"

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