John Cena Comments On Claims Vince McMahon 'Lets Him Do Whatever He Wants' In WWE

Cena gets a lot of freedom in WWE

John Cena has dismissed speculation that his success in WWE comes from Vince McMahon allowing him the freedom to do whatever he wants. 

Cena is given a certain level of leeway and slack in his promos and in-ring action, whereas lesser experienced superstars are required follow scripts to the letter. The 16-time World Champion has been known to reference the live crowd chanting for things WWE would rather they didn't, talk openly about babyface & heel dynamics, and cut promos without prior permission at live events.

Having been one of the company's top performers for the last 15 years, Cena says his success isn't down to that freedom, but because he's proven himself trustworthy by doing the things he's been asked to do with passion, enthusiasm, and to the best of his ability.

Speaking on ID10T with Chris Hardwick, Cena said: "I heard it so much in WWE. ‘Well, Vince lets him do whatever he wants. That’s why he can consistently perform at a level that’s acceptable and entertaining to the audience. He gets to do whatever he wants.' 

"Nope, I ask and I execute and I invest and I’m meticulous with the detail and I’m consistent night in night out. I’m trustworthy, I’m giving of self. The perception everyone else has is, ‘He just has a better situation.’

"And I’m not taking away from anybody’s struggle and I’ve learned to appreciate everyone’s struggle, and everyone has a different struggle. I can understand where those struggles come from."

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