John Cena Doubts He Would Have Continued Wrestling If WWE Had Released Him

Cena felt he was on the chopping block just months into his WWE career

John Cena doubts he would have gone far in the wrestling business, had WWE opted to release him during his rookie year. 

The 16-time world champion feared he was about to get fired mere months into his WWE main roster tenure, before his freestyling on the back of the bus during a European tour caught the attention of SmackDown writer Stephanie McMahon and led to a gimmick change.

Reflecting on that period during an appearance on the NotSam Wrestling podcast, Cena said: 

"The European tour in the fall saved me, so that's my scariest moment. There have been so many performers that have been released from WWE and go onto really have wonderful careers elsewhere and then maybe, eventually come back, and that's fine. I don't think I would've come back. I don't think I would've done anything else".

Upon returning from that tour, the Doctor of Thuganomics transformed from a white meat babyface in trunks and boots to a cocky rapping heel in jean shorts and sneakers. 

Detailing the time before making those changes, Cena noted:

"It sucked for me. I had no direction, I was asked to be a good guy when I'd gotten my experience as a bad guy, so I was asked to do something new. I lost my nickname, I had my real name, so what is a John Cena? I don't know what that is. I was too stupid to realise that I could use the two words, 'ruthless' and 'aggression' and create a personality. I wish I could get that opportunity now".

Cena recently revealed the private criticism he gave Austin Theory ahead of his WrestleMania 39 showdown with the United States Champion. 

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