John Cena Reveals The Biggest Lesson He Learned In WWE From Vince McMahon

Cena has worked closely with McMahon over the last 15 years

John Cena has revealed the most valuable lesson he learned from Vince McMahon is to always show up and to always deliver.

Cena has worked closely with McMahon for almost two decades, becoming the WWE's most valuable superstar in the past 15 years and carrying the promotion on his back.

The 16-time WWE champion says he continues to learn from McMahon and thinks on a lesson from the WWE chairman every single day, but says the most valuable is to do the things you have to do, and do them well.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Cena said: "I continue to learn from him every single day. There's not an instance that goes by that I don't reflect on my experience from the WWE and what he has taught me, and oftentimes learning from osmosis. 

"He doesn't hit you over the head with the lessons he bestows upon you. You can learn from his decision-making. It says a lot about the person and what you can take. That well is endless and it hasn't dried up yet. I continue to learn from him. 

“I think the most valuable of all the lessons is 'just show up and deliver'. And that's something he doesn't say, it's something he does. All the f-ing time. He's always there and he's always invested. People can question his creative moments or whatever they want - it's creativity, there's always going to be opinions. 

"But he's always boots on the ground, he's always invested, and he always believes and is passionate about the product. Always showing up and delivering is a huge takeaway."

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