John Cena: Shaq Could Have Been Something In WWE

Shaq Was At WWE WrestleMania 32 And Recently Wrestled On AEW: Dynamite

John Cena believes basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal could have been a huge performer for WWE had he chosen to go into wrestling instead of the NBA. 

Shaq recently made his proper in-ring debut on AEW, teaming with Jade Cargill to take on Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet, and has previously competed at WWE WrestleMania 32 in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 

Cena was a guest on NBA on TNT to promote his upcoming movie, The Suicide Squad, and he and Shaq discussed the NBA icon's move into professional wrestling, and the 16-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion believes the 49-year-old could have been a massive star for WWE. 

Nonetheless, Cena hailed Shaq as one of the best performers in sport ever. 

Cena said: "Man, you are one of that Mount Rushmore of sports entertainers. It's a shame that you were born so large and so gifted on the basketball court because you could have been something in WWE. I still think you can be. But you are Mount Rushmore of sports entertainers."

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