Complete WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, And Chairs 2019 Results

The last WWE PPV of 2019...

Join us here throughout the night, as we provide ongoing results and coverage for WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

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Kickoff show: Humberto Carrillo def. Andrade in 12:35
Match came to be due to Carrillo upsetting Andrade on Raw Monday, with emphasis placed on the miscue between Andrade and Zelina Vega that led to the finish. Andrade started fast and aggressive. At one juncture, Carrillo tried for a double jump moonsault to the floor, only for Andrade to quickly shove him off the turnbuckle. Andrade got blood around his left eye halfway into the match, perhaps off of Carrillo's jumping roundhouse.

Andrade managed to get the tree-of-woe double stomp, with Carrillo hovered over the apron, but only got two after it. A redux of the Zelina collision spot was teased, though Andrade countered the victory roll attempt. Carrillo finished with a reverse avalanche hurrachanrana and follow-up moonsault. Further dissension was teased after the match between Andrade and Vega.

-A "TLC edition" of Firefly Fun House opened the show, complete with Bray Wyatt decorating a ladder with tinsel. Clips from various feuds were played to hype up the night's matches. It ended with the usual demented Wyatt laughter.

SmackDown Tag Team/Ladder match: The New Day def. The Revival in 19:06
Xavier Woods is apparently here somewhere, cheering his partners on, according to Michael Cole. You'd think they'd show him, but no. Innovative spot where Kofi did a tuck-and-roll through the middle and bottom ropes to avoid hitting a ladder, then tried to baseball slide the ladder at the Revival, only for Dawson and Wilder to bash him repeatedly with the weapon.

The expected car-wreck spots early on included Kingston splashing the ladder onto both Revival members from the apron, and Big E getting dropkicked off the ladder, hurting his knee. Another cool spot was Big E holding Dawson in a Stretch Muffler, allowing Kingston to ram his guts with a ladder.

Kingston got a twisting tornado DDT on Dawson off of an attempt to tip his ladder over, but soon after fell victim to a Shatter Machine from halfway up said ladder. Big E managed to hit his through-the-ropes spear on Wilder without getting caught up in them, making it look much more impressive.

Dawson superplexed Big E onto a ladder bridge, and Wilder subsequently splashed Big E to break it in half. Kofi managed to springboard back in after recovering from the Shatter Machine, and a four-person struggle near the top of two ladders culminated in Big E giving Wilder the Big Ending off a ladder, and Kofi knocking Dawson off after whacking him in the face with the belts, allowing him to remove the titles from the hook.

Aleister Black def. Buddy Murphy in 13:40
Black attempted Black Mass right at the bell, but Murphy quickly slid outside. Black ended up with a nasty nose bleed, possibly broken, after hitting the ring steps. Murphy took time out of his sustained beatdown to play around with Black's vest, which fired Black up. Lawler apparently got hit with the vest after Murphy threw it from the ring, which amused the crowd.

Black fired off a flurry of kicks and knees during his comeback, getting a quebrada for two. Black later added a step-up moonsault to Murphy on the floor. Back inside, a jumping kneelift got another two count. Murphy came back with a few corner-trap superkicks and a sitout powerbomb for another near fall. An elaborate strike exchange ended with Black wiping Murphy out with Black Mass for the win.

Raw Tag Team: The Viking Raiders fought The OC to a double countout in 8:35
The OC accepted the open challenge, noting that they're the only team that's beaten The Viking Raiders. Lot of plugs for KFC during the match, as four fans got to eat chicken and mashed potatoes at ringside in some pretty extreme (albeit yummy) bit of product placement.

Erik took a beating for a bit, but weathered the storm and tagged Ivar, who ran amok. Lawler compared Ivar's ability to roll over the turnbuckle to Ric Flair. Back suplex/neckbreaker combo on Ivar got two.

Gallows was noticeably late saving on the Viking Experience (to some knowing boos). A skirmish at ringside led to everyone being wiped out, and both teams were counted out, to even more boos. Anderson gets put through the KFC table for good measure, after Erik got the most boos of all for swiping some of the food to the floor.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match: King Corbin def. Roman Reigns in 22:11
Reigns beat up Corbin's nameless sedan carriers before the match, as they were dispatched his way. Pedestrian brawl in the early going before Corbin, true to form, picked up a table to cheers, then dropped it to boos. A methodical beatdown with a chair followed.

Corbin was sent head first into a chair wedged between the buckles, then Superman punched for two. Reigns went and fetched a table, setting it up in the ring, but was struck with a can of dog food, then chokeslammed through the table for two. Reigns managed to prevent being put through the American announce table, Samoan dropping Corbin through the German one.

Reigns attempted to spear Corbin through the barricade, but was caught with a superkick by a suddenly-arriving Dolph Ziggler. They produced handcuffs, but Reigns caught both with the Drive-By kick. He then grabbed a kendo stick and went wild on the sedan carriers. The Revival got involved, but Reigns took them out, and then hit a suicide dive onto the collective of them.

Reigns went for a spear, but Dolph threw a chair at his face, then hit the Zig Zag. The Revival then hit The Shatter Machine, and Corbin finished with the End of Days on a chair.

Non-title match: Bray Wyatt def. The Miz in 6:34
Wyatt entered to the Firefly Fun House theme, which is oddly charming. Miz is so consumed with vengeful rage that he lets Wyatt make his full entrance. Miz jumped Wyatt right at the bell, with Wyatt virtually allowing Miz to assault him. Wyatt then tried for Sister Abigail, only for Miz to counter with the Skull Crushing Finale, which Wyatt laughed at.

Miz performed the Pentagon Jr armbreaker, after which Wyatt continued to laugh, rolling outside and throwing himself at the barricades. After a skirmish outside, Wyatt executed a barricade-assisted Sister Abigail. Miz beat the count back in on nine, but fell victim to another Sister Abigail to end it.

After the match, The Fiend appeared on the Titan Tron, saying nothing, but Wyatt "responded" to him by saying, "Okay, I'll do it!". He then fetched the colossal mallet from under the ring (which Michael Cole didn't recognize, despite it being used at Hell in a Cell), but before he could strike, the lights dimmed.

Wyatt exclaimed, "He's here!", but turned around to get nailed by Daniel Bryan's charging knee. Bryan had a hoodie on, and revealed his face to show very short hair and minimal facial hair. Bryan destroyed Wyatt with corner charges, another charging knee, and the wristlock stomps. He went to strike Wyatt with the mallet, but the lights went out. When they relit, Wyatt had disappeared.

Table match: Bobby Lashley def. Rusev in 13:27
Both men go for tables early on, with Lana breaking up her ex-husband's attempt. Lashley took a suplex on the entrance ramp shortly after setting his table up. Rusev tried to put him through it, but Lashley wisely managed to flip it over while being held in Rusev's fireman's carry.

Inside the ring, the two fought over a table leaned against the buckles, but were unable to put the other through. Rusev tried to knock Lashley off the apron through a ringside table, but Lashley managed to jump over it. Rusev grabbed a metal guardrail from the back of the arena and attacked Lashley with it, but Lashley slammed him onto it, bending it at an angle. Lana laughed at Rusev while Lashley beat him with a kendo stick.

Rusev fought back, but Lana got involved, jumping on Rusev's back. This allowed an opening for Lashley to spear Rusev at a table, which didn't break. Improvising, Lashley overhead suplexed Rusev for another table to win.

Women's Tag Team/Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: The Kabuki Warriors def. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in 25:57
First painful looking moment came when Lynch threw Asuka into a stack of three chairs that sat on a table. Lynch and Flair took turns throwing Sane across the announce tables, and went for a ladder, but Asuka broke it up. A chair throwing contest ensued, leading to Sane trying to crawl under the ring, and when Flair and Lynch dragged her out, she surprised them with a fire extinguisher to the eyes.

The Warriors used a kendo stick and an office chair to trap Flair long enough to administer a one-sided beating to her. They also tied Lynch to a ladder using a rope. Flair was able to prevent their climb with the kendo stick. She took out the Warriors long enough to go over and try and free Lynch, but the Warriors recovered and attacked before she could loosen the rope. Lynch managed to free herself, after which she and Flair took over.

Lynch put Asuka through a table with a seated senton off the apron. They tried to suplex Sane through a table at ringside, but Sane countered with a double DDT. She tried to splash the two through the table, but it didn't break. Charlotte powerbombed Sane through a ringside table. Asuka took Flair out and covered her and Lynch in various ringside objects to try and pin them down, to allow for an uninhibited climb.

Flair and Lynch hit the ring with chairs and attacked in kind of a clunky moment. Flair attempted a moonsault through Asuka on a ringside table, but Asuka climbed up and powerbombed her through it. Lynch tried to climb the ladder, but Asuka managed to tip it over using the rope that was still tied to it. Asuka then climbed the ladder and retrieved the belts.


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