Jon Moxley Feared He Would Die In The Ring During Addiction Battle

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley opens up about his past struggles with addiction.

In a recent interview with, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley spoke about his past battles with addiction, explaining:

“Over a year ago, I was afraid of dying of a seizure in the ring. I had that on my mind every day. It was all [messed] up, and going through an absolute personal hell for a long time that nobody else even knew about. When you’re scared for your actual life, to make the decision to go to rehab [...] I had to basically assume I’m giving everything away. I was like, okay, I’m either going to live a long, happy life and raise my kid and be a person, or I can wrestle. But I can’t have both.”

In late 2021 Moxley temporarily left AEW to attend rehab, returning in January 2022. Speaking about a more positive attitude since his return, he stated:

“Now there’s kind of nothing to lose. What, am I gonna lose a match? Will I screw up a move? Like, what could possibly go wrong? Almost nothing. Big f’n deal. Am I alive? OK, I think it was a fine day, then.”

He is currently in the midst of his second AEW World Championship reign, having defeated Bryan Danielson in a tournament final to claim the vacant title. 

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