Jon Moxley: I Swore To God I'd Never Do Another Ladder Match Until AEW Casino Ladder Match

Moxley was over the match type

Jon Moxley has revealed he had adamantly sworn he would never compete in another ladder match again, only to be called in by Tony Khan to compete in the Casino Ladder Match on AEW Dynamite a couple of weeks back.

Moxley has competed in numerous ladder matches in his career and has notably also battled in multiple variations of deathmatches, hardcore bouts, and other forms of dangerous match-types.

The former AEW World Champion, however, says he is completely over Ladder Matches and never wanted to wrestle in one again - only for AEW President Khan to tell him he was in one.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Moxley said: "I swore to God that I would never do a ladder match again for the rest of my life. I hate ladder matches. I'm not good at ladder matches. They're not my thing. I hate them.

"I feel like ladders have taken more years off my career...they f**k you up. Fans don't even truly they see all these bumps on the ladders, I don't think they truly appreciate how much it f**ks people up. Elbow chips, f**king your back up. I don't f**k with ladders anymore. My thing was like, 'I don't do ladders.' I do other shit. Ladders, not my thing. I was like, 'I ain't doing another ladder match again.' I'm not what you call a high flyer. There's no reason for me to climb a ladder and what the f**k am I doing? Falling off the thing? For what reason?

"I was over ladder matches. I swore I would never do ladder matches again. Until Tony books this ladder match. We're talking and he's like, 'I need some star power in this match. For reasons, you need to be in this.' I'm like, 'Motherf**ker.'

"I tried every excuse. Ultimately, he's the boss, he's paying me, I'll do my best. I'm on the team."

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