Jon Moxley: It's A Good Thing I Never Faced Mick Foley In WWE

Moxley and scripted promos wouldn't have combined well

While Dean Ambrose - now Jon Moxley - would make his WWE main roster debut alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Survivor Series 2012, WWE originally planned to debut Moxley earlier that year. 

The Purveyor Of Violence confronted another purveyor of violence in Mick Foley ahead of WrestleMania 28 and they continued to feud on social media. Their issues were supposed to culminate in a match but the storyline was scrapped after Foley wasn't medically cleared to compete. 

Speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, though, Moxley has admitted it's better that the match never happened because of WWE's use of scripted promos. 

"It was obviously a known thing that me and Foley had this feud going on, and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff people don't know about that's kind of interesting, funny, whatever. But in retrospect, it's actually better that me and Foley just remains a total dream match/feud. If 90's Mick Foley and current or maybe a decade ago version of me feuded, for sure that would be the sh*t. That's some dream match sh*t," Moxley said.

"But at that exact time, what would've actually happened was I would've come into the building and I would've had it all in my head exactly what I would've wanted to say. I would've had the promo in my head, the angle in my head and I would've had it all ready, it would’ve been cemented in my head. Then they would've handed me a script. At this time, I didn't know there were scripts. I would've reacted poorly to say the least to being handed a script. And then I would've been deemed hard to work with, having a bad attitude and yada yada. And it all would've all just probably gone to sh*t, and me and Foley wouldn't have had this great feud we could've had," he continued.

"Outside of WWE, at a different time and place, if we had crossed paths, which we never did, that's for sure easy money. Oh my god, that's like 'come on.' Me and Mick? But at that exact time and place, it probably wouldn't have worked out very good. You can read all about it in the book. I don't want to spoil anything. But that's one story in the book, and there's about a hundred others in there."

While they wouldn't feud in WWE, Moxley and Foley have interacted on several occasions over the last nine years, most recently in Game Changer Wrestling when Moxley defended the GCW World Title against Nick Gage in September of 2021. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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