Jon Moxley On If Vince McMahon Would Welcome Him Back To WWE

Talk Is Jericho baby, Talk Is Jericho!

A recent episode of Talk Is Jericho saw Jon Moxley melt the wrestling world from the inside out.

The New IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion - a title won in his NJPW debut against Juice Robinson last week -  spent the majority of the Talk Is Jericho interview trashing Vince McMahon's creative process in WWE.

Moxley's sentiments drew comparisons with CM Punk's infamous podcast with Colt Cabana from some quarters but despite this, speaking on a recent episode of the  25 Years Later podcast, Moxley appears to believe that he hasn't burnt any bridges with WWE or McMahon.

“A bridge is never burnt in WWE. Vince would have me back tomorrow and would love it if I came crawling back to him. I think Punk had a lot more personal animosity towards WWE and specific people. I don’t know every detail of his story and I haven’t spoken to him since he left WWE. His experience drove him to not like wrestling anymore, I think.

"For me, I wanted the exact opposite. I just got pro wrestling back after losing it years ago. I’m like “Whoa, I’m back in the game, here we go!” I wanted to make sure that people knew that there’s no bitterness and that my love of wrestling and my desire to perform for the fans, my desire to meet and exceed their expectations and my love for the fans has only gotten bigger."

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