Jon Moxley Was Told He Has The Arthritis Of A 70 Year Old

Jon Moxley opened up about the state of his body

Professional wrestling is known to do more wear and tear on the bodies of the performers than most occupations, and Jon Moxley is someone whose body has certainly been put through the ringer. 

Moxley recently opened up about some of the damage that life on the road and constant travel has done to his body, speaking on radio station ESPN1530 and revealing that his doctor told him he has the arthritis of a seventy year old man. 

“I live a very physical lifestyle. But nothing to me is worse or does more damage than just the traveling. For years, it was like traveling was my job. The wrestling part was kind of a reward at the end of the day, but your life becomes traveling at a certain point in this game. It’s really amazing how that adds up on your body and your joints. The doctor last year told me that I have the arthritis if a seventy-year-old man. That was quite humbling. That was a year or two, so by now it’s like a seventy-two-old man, so I don’t move very well in the morning. Thank god shows are at nights because by then, I’m pretty loosened up. If wrestling shows took place in the morning, like Saturday morning Superstars, if we started doing those early territory style studio TV tapings on Sunday mornings, I would retire. I’d be done. Because a lot of times I can’t even move before noon.”

Let’s hope AEW doesn’t start running Sunday morning tapings. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly