Rhea Ripley Whispers "Spicy Stuff" To Dom-Dom

Rhea Ripley's whispers to Dominik are spicy

The on-screen relationship between Judgment Day members Rhea Ripley (the WWE Women’s World Champion) and Dominik Mysterio (the NXT North American Champion) has been one of the most interesting and entertaining acts on WWE programming over the last year. 

Ripley is no doubt the more assertive one of the two, as she is often seen looking after her “Dom-Dom”. She is also seen whispering in his ear quite often, with a big grin on her face which is reciprocated by Mysterio. Ripley was recently asked by Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling about what exactly is said between the pair, but she remained mostly secretive about the details. 

"That’s our little secret [laughs]. I can’t tell you guys because then the secret’s out the bag, and then people won’t talk about it anymore. But it’s pretty spicy stuff.”

Ripley would go on to talk about balancing professional and personal life, revealing that there are two different sides to her. 

"To be honest, it’s pretty easy [laughs]. Look, I love my fiancé, I think he’s great, but when I’m at work, I am a completely different human being. When I’m at work, Dom is my partner. He is my partner in crime. He is my Latino heat, my Dirty Dominik Mysterio, and I will do absolutely anything I can to get him on top of anyone that he’s against. But for me, it’s just sort of like a switch, and he understands that as well. That’s why it works.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly