Josh Alexander Reveals He & Ethan Page "Haven't Really Communicated" Since Page's IMPACT Exit

Josh Alexander has barely spoken to Ethan Page since he left IMPACT

They were once the cornerstone of the IMPACT tag team division, holding the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles twice during a three year run, but since Ethan Page departed IMPACT for AEW, he and his former North tag partner Josh Alexander haven’t exactly stayed close.

Alexander made the revelation during an appearance on the Wrestling Revelation podcast, discussing how the two were growing apart before their eventual split:

"Eventually, we were both two individuals, with two separate goals in two separate mindsets on pro wrestling, that began to clash toward the end, there. Where we weren't really getting along to the point where, you know, the friendship kind of broke away. So we went our separate way, and he's found all the success in the world at AEW. I'm sure he's happy, and you know, I'm doing what I'm doing and we're good. We haven't really communicated since he left the company. I saw him at a signing here or there. It's like, ‘hey, how are you doing? Things are good. Yeah, I hope they're good’. Like there's no ill will or anything. It's just, we're in separate sandboxes doing separate things with separate goals, and you know that’s it." Alexander said.

Could there be an eventual North reunion due to the working relationship between AEW and IMPACT? Alexander is doubtful:

"I don’t. I think other people have the thought, I don't think anybody within management of the company, neither Ethan Page nor myself, had the thought that that was ever gonna materialise or be a thing. I've said it before, I think an FTR match would’ve been cool, but other than that, I honestly think it ran its course with the tag team and stuff," Alexander said.

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