JTG Reveals John Cena's Advice For Main Eventing WWE Raw In 2008

"He just gave me a look. It was one of those looks like, okay, stop."

JTG has revealed how John Cena advised him to change his style when making the step into the Raw main event in 2008. 

JTG, alongside tag team partner Shad, formed a brief faction with Cena on Raw at the time under the name Cryme Tyme Cenation, teaming which Cena in the biggest matches on the Monday night show. 

Previously, as noted by JTG, Cryme Tyme were utilised to get the crowd pumped up at the start of Raw, something that Cena told them was not necessarily once they were in the main event scene. 

Speaking to SK Wrestling, JTG said: "Cryme Tyme was always opening up the show because we had so much energy and charisma. They wanted to use us to get the crowd ready for the rest of the show. That's cool. You have to know your position on the card. 

"You know, I tried to do that main-eventing, when I was main-eventing with him. And then he just gave me a look. It was one of those looks like, okay, stop. Then backstage, Cena explained to me, 'Look you're in the main event now. That worked when you were opening the show. When you're in the main event, they're here to see you. They're already excited. You don't have to get them... they're behind you already.'"

You know when you start a match you do [claps]. He was like, 'You don't do that in the main event.'"

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